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    HUGE plating Monti colonies for sale

    Ha! Pm'd too!
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    Free water barrels

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    chinese leds

    The 155 bowfronts are 24 deep, but I don't run the lights at 100% so I'd say you'd get good par numbers at the sandbed and can crank em up beyond what I do if needed.
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    chinese leds

    Imchris - 3 fixtures should do fine. As long as you have them off the water enough or use the right optics, you'll get good coverage front to back. I'm using 3 custom d120s over a 6ft 155bow, that has 2 braces and is 24in front to back at center and I'm very pleased with them. Roger - thank...
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    Nice! I have the same tank. You'll love it!
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    Wtb sun coral

    I lost my colony while I was away the past few months.. a big loss, but I had a ton of success with them prior to that. Tuck them under overhangs, if keeping under strong led or halide lighting. Also, feeding domes made from a simple plastic bottle with the bottom cut off can really encourage...
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    Completely devastated

    Ugh... reading this sucks. I feel awful and am so sorry for your losses! It seems the low points in this hobby can stay with you longer than the highs do. A success seems to truly reward for days or weeks while a failure can haunt much longer. That is completely normal though. I have been...
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    Clownfish bites

    Interesting that you bring that up, Mr. H. I had considered pairing her with a small male for years. Posted threads in the clownfish forums about it. But I was always too worried that she'd maul him the second he hit the water so I never did it. Most everyone, with knowledge, that I'd ask...
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    Clownfish bites

    Ha! Its crossed my mind a few times. :lmao: I've considered giving her away a number of times over the years. She is basically a grouper in clowns clothing. She has been with my sebae nem for years and years though and I've always been concerned about disrupting that bond. The anemone has...
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    Clownfish bites

    BobbyV mentioned having a super aggressive maroon clown in another thread earlier. That made me think of what my misbar gold stripe maroon did to me back in December. Thought I'd share. She has been with me for years, maybe 7ish? Here she is just recently: <a...
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    Cleaner Shrimp..

    I've had a number of skunk cleaners do that over the years, but never a blood. My blood shrimp have never been too outgoing. Usually only really coming out during feedings. I just figured there was too much activity in the tank for them to come out unless incentivized by a good meal. Cool...
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    chinese leds

    Zero- The one pictured on page 6 of this thread, correct? That's the layout I wanted another fixture with. Based on this recent news that they can't/won't make that layout now, I sent Roger a new one early this am that is extremely similar and should blend nicely. I only ask because, there are...
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    chinese leds

    Yes, came up with a layout that I intend to put in between 2 of the D120's with the older layout. Almost the same, just rearranged a little to accommodate the checkerboard since its no longer being done in linear channels. Thinking it'll match up well. The checkerboard channels should be an...
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    chinese leds

    Responded to email with questions on how the channels need to be changed. I'm wanting this fixture to match the previous ones I've ordered to provide uniform light.
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    chinese leds

    I've just recently come back home to Tampa Bay and earlier this week was my first time back on this site since early December. I've been away attending to family the last few months and unfortunately reefing had to be put on the backburner. Upon jumping back on RC, I didn't get far before...