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    A good book on reef fish and corals

    I am looking for a good book of reef fish and corals for a reef aquarium to give as a present. Any suggestions. They can be separate books for fish and corals but should have pictures and descriptions.
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    Protocol for using antibiotics to treat infected anemones ~Added to 7/30/14

    I have used erythromycin off and on over three years and have never had any issues. Usage is normally once every six months roughly. I am aware of a few high profile reefers who also use it. If there were going to be any issues, I am sure I would have found out by now. I would suggest its use...
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    Protocol for using antibiotics to treat infected anemones ~Added to 7/30/14

    Has anyone tried using erythromycin as a cure. If it works, you could use it in a display tank. I have used it on a few occasions in the past as a treatment for cyanobacteria. Each time, I had anemones in my display tank. The first couple of times I have used erythromycin in my display tank, I...
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    anyone tried to using Jebo WP40?

    Anybody have these on the back wall of the tank? My tank is in a sort of an alcove so the back of the side walls are not accessible. Do not want the pumps too far front on the side walls.
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    Sps geting a green tinge at base

    I have a solid blue acro which has lately started to get a green tinge at the base. I think it is receeding but not sure why the green tinge. Is it lack of a trace element or something else. My Ca is 390, dKh is 7.7, Mg is 1280, phosphates 0.03 and nitrates 50 (have always been high). The acro...
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    majestic and flame angel

    I want to add the above to my reef tank and am aware that compatibility varies with each individual specimen. Nevertheless, would like to guage your experiences with either of the two angels. Also, if they are likely to nip at corals, which are the most likely at risk?
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    Korallin Nitrate Reactors

    Has anyone used these and if so, are there any disadvantages such as leaching of sulphur or hydrogen sulphide? They seem to have an advantage in the fact that they do not need to be fed and therefore do not need monitoring too frequently.
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    Convert a Berlin Classic Skimmer

    Is it possible to convert a Berlin skimmer into a denitrator? If not, what else can I use it for apart from skimming as I have a Deltec skimmer.
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    How to increase KH

    I have a 150 gallon tank and have a problem with my kh (dKh?) which is low (6.5). I believe I can increase it using bicarnonate of soda. Any suggestions as to the dosage I should use on a daily basis and how much the dosage will increase the kh by daily.