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    i guess ill have to art out my 180

    im off fri and sat the gtba and some live rock and the angels ar spoken for as well as the ballast and pumps
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    i guess ill have to art out my 180

    first off all live rock will have to go first so the fish can be caught. live rock 4.00 a pound fish yellow tang 4in or so 35.00 flame angel 35.00 bicolor angel 30.00 coral beauty 25.00 black clown 40.00 pair of clarky clowns 45.00 white blenny 10.00 algae blenny large 30.00 golden head...
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    Not easy thing for me to have to do

    not parting out this set up dont have the time to break everything up and hope i sell it all .
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    Not easy thing for me to have to do

    I am forced to get out of the hobby . i am selling my 180 gal set up . everything is included fish ,coral , live rock . the whole set up for 1300.00 its a 180 gal 6ft long with stand and canopy . 3 mh 250w lights two lumric reflectors one spider reflector. 160 octo ext skimmer too much to...
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    Anyone have unwanted fish for sale?

    memfish and kermits have alot of unwanted fish they are trying to get rid of.
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    Thanks to all!!

    yes good to hear bill glad u are doing well i lost my big oak tree in the front yard in the first storm we had
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    new puppies

    the breed is older then the saint bernard it is one of the oldest pure breeds and very good dogs i had one before alot of hair though they have like three coats .
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    Suggestions on Skimmer?

    depends on what u want to keep in it some say all u need is water changes do a 5 to 10 gal water change a week and u will be ok . i have a friend who has a great tank he changes his once a week like clockwork and his tank looks great. the thing is u cant get lazy with the changes. but for a...
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    Good find in FL

    well next time you go you will have to take up a group order lol
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    switching from power compacts to MH

    some window screening will do fine also
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    good ro/di system for the money?

    Airwaterice has some of the best prices and great filters check them out i got a mightymight and it works greats great 50 gal a day the typhoon III is a great one also. and remember the gpd is only what rating membrane you have in it. you can take a 75 gpd and make it a 100 by changing...
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    Sorry we missed seeing you!!

    wish i could have been there
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    Backyard bandit babys

    glue them to a rock
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    Memphis zoo help

    the main thing is we see what the zoo has put money into and what they havent i guess most of us are upset because they arent doing anything for the aquarium. im not upset about the people working there i know its not in their control. But just think at the people that would gather to see a...