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    Duncan coral?

    Corals grow in the direction best suited to them for that location. I wouldn't worry about moving them.
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    ATI Bulb bad??

    I call BS. I have 39w ATI Purple Plus and it, like all T5's, fires instantly. Try swapping in a different bub or moving the bulb to a different ballast to rule out a bad ballast but I'd say probably a bulb issue.
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    How do you know when to change bulbs??

    It's tough to tell with T5's unless you have some way of measuring light ouput such as a PAR meter. Depending on daily use, 12-18 months should be the minimum. Watch for shifts in colour spectrum, light intensity, undesirable algae growth or slowed coral growth all of which may be an...
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    CPR HOB Refugium?

    I have a medium on my 65 gal and the chaeto grows well. I've also got some caulerpa racemosa in there, although not be choice, that grows ridiculously fast along with a 3" sand bed and some bits of rock rubble. I'm sure it does help to control nitrate and to some extent phosphate, but more...
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    MH,Cebu Sun

    I've been running the Cebu Sun for almost a year now. 2X250 MH and 4X39W T5. The only downside is the lack of individual reflectors, but other than that it's a great unit.
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    Halide + T5 Fixtures

    +1 on the Hamilton Cebu Sun. I have the 2X250 MH and 4X39W T5, 36" fixture. Good unit.
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    2x250mh and 4 65watt is this to much for a 55g?

    I have 2X250 MH and 4X39W T5HO over a 65 gallon (36" long.) No heat issues and all corals are doing well.
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    LIGHTING question: Do I need to supplement my 20K MHs with actinics, or??

    You shouldn't need to with quality bulbs, but you may want to for added flexibility. I run 2X250W Hamilton 14k with 4XT5HO (UVL SuperActinic, Purple Plus and 2XHamilton Actinic.) I use the T5's for dawn/dusk and find the Purple Plus gives my reds/pinks a nice pop. If you've got the room and...
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    how about Hamilton Techonology's lighting system

    I've got a Hamilton Cebu Sun fixture. It's built like a tank.
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    Why? Controller vs. Tunze ATO

    I top off with kalk but switch to RO/DI if the pH climbs too high; pretty easy to do with a controller.
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    Apex programing question

    Fallback ON Set ON