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  • Good morning or afternoon, whatever the case maybe. I am desperate for advice on bonding 3/4 inch acrylic aquarium seams. I have made a 360 gallon aquarium in my house. I have some experience with bonding acrylic and I have bonded the 4 side panels with great success. Now that it has come to bonding the top and bottom it's a very very long seam in terms of bonding acrylic seams go. I have been been using the pin method with weldon 4, it works great. For the long continuous seam though there is a begging and and end that meet each other, so in this area there is acrylic that is already began to set up and acrylic that is freshly been soaked with solvent. This is also the area that has its pin pulled and has a pin remaining for the end. I have not attempted this seam yet and I am wondering is this beginning and end area a concern as far as a bubble-less seam or is there a technique you use for such a long seam with such thick acrylic. Thank you so much for your time.
    Good evening,
    By any chance do you sell completed phytoplankton base lights. I would love to have a couple of them but unfortunately that project is being my level of expertise. Please let me know.
    Sorry I missed your message, I took a time out for kids. :) Am back now.

    If you still need the info, I can look it up.

    I don't know of anyplace where you can buy the Beckett injectors, so have designed my own that I can 3D print.

    Hi Zephrant
    I was interested in making your 1 Beckett monster skimmer.
    What are the dimensions of the base box that has the two 3.5"OD holes in the top.
    One of which you drilled 8 1" holes around the 6" riser tube.
    Thank you in advance,
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