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    ReefSavvy 55 Shallow Lagoon

    NEW Reef Savvy 55 Shallow Lagoon - only filled with water to test it out. $2000 (Sphynx not included) Located in Cutler Bay 33189.
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    FS: 2 AI Prime 16, brand new

    Have 2 brand new AI Prime 16 in black + 2 new goosenecks + 2 shades. $400 local pick up in Kendall. PM me for pics. Having trouble uploading them.
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    Live rock

    Trying to add pics, but I cant seem to be able to. The "insert image" is asking for a URL.
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    Live rock

    Finally got around to re-aquascaping the school tank and now have too much rock, so I am trying to get rid of some. Very nice pieces, a mix of tonga, haitian and others. $100 takes the lot (50+ lbs), or trade for a nice coral or a few frags for the school tank.
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    FS: Snowflake Eel

    Hey Joel, I missed this thread somehow. You still have it? School tank can use an eel. Our zebra died of old age but the kids loved it, especially at feeding time! LMK
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    WTB live rock

    Never fails lol. I just finished biting the bullet and buying 2 boxes of life rock [emoji2358]
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    WTB live rock

    Anyone selling clean live rock in the Miami area?
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    BNIB Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25

    $280 firm. Hasn't seen water. Pick up in Cutler Bay 33189.
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    What is this? Sponge?

    Don't just let it be. It can actually grow out of control, invade your corals and suffocate them. There is a pygmy angel that eats it. I think it is a bicolor pygmy, but I cant recall exactly.
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    ID on this monti

    Definately a sunset monti
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    WTB zoas

    Looking for a large frag or small colony of chucky's bride, space chaos, strawberry wine, AOI, rainbow incinerators, Miami Vice and/or pink kiss. PM me if you have any of these for sale please.
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    FS: 60 gal Rimless setup

    Bump, price reduced to $1000