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    WTB 20g or 30g long, shallow tank

    Hi, my kid's freshwater fish are getting a little squeezed in their 10g tank. I am looking for a nice, used 20g long or similar to get these fish into. thanks, Keith
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    couple items for sale

    both items are sold.
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    Customer Service at Aqaumart.

    oceanic tanks suck. If i remember correctly, i heard a couple LFS owners not very happy with their stuff. that was a few years ago, but it looks like nothing has changed.
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    couple items for sale

    *ASM G-2 with sedra 3500-pristine condition-$125 *aqua-medic kalkstirrer KS1000-pristine w/ box-$125 i bought both of these items new not long ago. half off i think is a pretty fair deal considering they are in excellent shape. if you dont think so, make me an offer. no low-balls please.
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    tank inhabitant liquidation sale-fort collins

    update: see Masc site for latest info on this:
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    tank inhabitant liquidation sale-fort collins

    putting the house on the market and need to liquidate tank inhabitants. every living thing must go. Prices are general and negotiable. anyone who wants it all, can have it for $500. hours are 1-3pm on Sunday the 17th. at this point i am not able to hold things for people, but will update the...
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    Slight defect in 58gl Oceanic

    It will be interesting to see if oceanic has cleaned up their customer service lately.
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    4 maxi-jet mods for sale-$30 or trade

    I started to build these a while back when i had my 180g tank and forgot about them. well, i found them and have no use for them since i downsized to a 36" tank. If you are handy, all the stuff is there...pumps, props, shafts, directions etc...take all for $30 or trade for euphylia or clam. I am...
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    Is it just me or......

    I agree with pherbert..the economy is really bad. I am a mechanic and not doing good. after december of last year, my business (income) has declined by half. I have been forcably laid-off at one place (cut pay so bad i couldn't even afford to show up anymore), another place was so dead that i...
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    Looking for black sand

    that sand looks a lot different than the tahitian moon sand. we'll have to see how it looks over the long haul. it should make the colors of corals and fish pop prett well.
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    Looking for black sand

    if it is the tahitian black sand, i looked at it under a microscope once and it looks like it is made of crushed, black glass. it does look cool, but it wont take long for it to look really nasty in a SW tank.
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    looking for experiences with cherub dwarf angels???

    after evicting the clowns, the angel is doing great. no munching corals and is a model citizen-so far! (fingers crossed). not the prettiest fish ever, but it has a subdued beauty all it's own. I like that it stays really small, so it will fit in with the other fish.