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  • Hi Phixman - yeah, just started visiting again, as life often takes over (2 young boys and all). Hope your system is still doing well, and thanks for the kind words!
    Good to see you're still around, I recently got back into the site. Thanks for the help from a few months ago regarding my plumbing, it was helpful!
    Hi Alfred - glass tops definitely cut back on evaporation, even drastically so for certain tanks that have a significant surface area to volume ratio. I don't have any links regarding the subject, but have been using them for years without issue (albeit in a house with central sir so overheating is not an issue). Gas exchange is certainly a concern if one were to have little water movement, but that is never a concern in any reef tank, especially one with an overflow and protein skimmer.
    Hey, I am wanting to get into saltwater but am trying to due my research first. I saw that you like to use lids to cut back on evaporation. I would like to have a minimal maintenance tank and was wanting to look into how to cut back on top offs. I understand the heat issue that is caused by a lid but don't see how gas exchange could exist. If you have any links or info on how to use a lid to reduce evaporation I would greatly appreciate them. Thank you.
    Hello there - I visit A Reef Creation, Saltwater Paradise, The Fish Place, and Pets Plus frequently. There is a swap coming up on the 26th (Queen City Frag Fest) - check out the Upstate Reef Society forum here on RC for info, and the forum is frequented by lots of other WNY's...
    Hello zooman! I am a fellow western New Yorker ( Amherst). I was wondering what local establishments you purchase from. Also was wondering if there are any local frag swaps that you might be familiar with.
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