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    40 Breeder stand free to a good home

    Too bad you are too far away..... :(
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    Hi Phixman - yeah, just started visiting again, as life often takes over (2 young boys and all)...

    Hi Phixman - yeah, just started visiting again, as life often takes over (2 young boys and all). Hope your system is still doing well, and thanks for the kind words!
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    Selling Red Sea Reefer 450 (White)

    Too bad you are not closer to my neck of the woods.... :(
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    Cobalt C-ray 200 Good or Bad?

    I might consider it if the manufacturer provided detailed specs, such as diode choices, PAR charts at multiple points of measure, programming examples, etc. It looks quite promising to be honest, but how do they justify not stepping up with more than a few details of basic design?! It does...
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    High End All in One Nano - Recommendations?

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    High End All in One Nano - Recommendations?

    There were multiple issues with the 1st-gen IM Nuvo 16's with curved front corners, as they were "prone" (i.e. happened more than most were comfortable with) to catastrophic failure (i.e. cracking), but the latest aquariums from IM seem to be quite good. They all have flat front panes and...
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    Good buy?

    Nothing better... :)
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    17gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    Very nice! Maybe a few green BTA's for the other rock...
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    1 or 2 Gyre

    Since the 1K's can't be linked, and a single 3K is only $30 more for 1000gph more flow (in total compared to a pair of 1K's), I would go with a single 3K, which should be enough for an aquarium your size...
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    Upgrade my refractometer ?

    What article are you referring to? Well, it just came out, so might have to wait a bit, although I have come across a couple on other forums. Waiting for my tax return to come back, and then going to grab one - with a 9th marine aquarium just around the corner (6 at home office, 3 at campus...
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    Ats & iron.

    Same here, although I do not run an ATS. I have noticed that not only did my chaetomorpha grow better it seems (anecdotal of course), but it was a darker green, and lightened noticeably when I did not dose iron (using Brightwell Aquatics Ferrion currently).
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    New 20g refugium Sump

    I would review the footprint for the Bubble Magus Curve 5 skimmer as I belive it is more than 6" wide, otherwise that is a good skimmer for a 45g aquarium. If you can fit a 20L aquarium for the sump, take a look at the Fiji Cube acrylic sump kit - just used one for a new tank at work, and it is...
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    Upgrade my refractometer ?

    The New Icecap Digital Pocket Tester for salinity and temp looks interesting...
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    17gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    Good call on the screen - I have had numerous clownfish jump over the years. I would have probably went with 1/4" glass or cast acrylic to keep down on evaporation, but as long as you have an ATO and don't mind the additional water use, you should be good to go.
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    Good buy?

    Nice score! I love A. clarkii clowns personally, and that is a good looking pair (love the dark bodies and lighter yellow finnage).