» Just moved to Guam, collecting from the ocean? Anyone else here on the island?


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Hi I haven't posted here since abt March. We are Air Force and just got to Guam on the 2nd and will be here for years. This place is beautiful. I'm curious on the legality of collecting everything for my tank right from the ocean. Not sure about the water but mainly I'm talking about my LS, LR some hermits & fish. Is this all ok? I know some parts here are preserves but I'm alking about the rest that isn't. Anything else I should keep in mind when doing so?

I'm sure there are LFS here but I saw only a few pet stores listed in the phone book and none for a fish only store. Is anyone else from Guam on the forum? I've only been in the water for 2 days now and have seen Picasso triggers, wrasse, striped damsels, green chromis & a blenny.



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Obviously not, we got here Saturday evening and I've heard no mention of any evacuation. I think thats what passed us abt 2-3 days ago but it didn't come close.

And our 3 yr old loves baby jaguar.


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The Cyclone hit Wake Island. Actually most of the buildings survived. Just the typical wind damage, but definetly not wiped flat.


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I guess I got the island wrong.

Yea, my 2.5 yr grandaughter is dissapointed when the baby jaguar is not on the morning show!

FWIW, I think that you can take stuff as long as the local laws/enforcement doesn't prohibit that sort of thing.

I'm not saying to break any laws but I think getting some frags and maybe even colonies would not be a problem.

Definately get you water from the area as long as it is not a polluted harbor or something like that. Water is not protected.


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Thanks for the replies, the beach on Andersen AFB is very clean & no one was on it so I may get some from there. We checked out that beach yesterday, it's very nice, blennies everywhere & snails too. I've never done corals before but I've seen some pretty lime green hard corals. That beach is a preserve but like I said no one was there, and no lifeguards Monday- Thursday...hmmm.....;)

I'll take pictures and post them once we are moved in and get the chance. We just picked out our house in base housing yesterday.

A guy handed my two yr old this huge (10 inches) blue linckia sea star he found. But I made sure and put it back so it didn't die since I have no tank running and they are rated difficult to care for anyways.
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Just wondering, why would you want to set up a tank if you can go diving whenever you want to and see the fish s, inverts in their real environment :rolleye1: