1-1/4" Doube Union Ball Valve for 35¢


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While rummaging thru Lowe's yesterday, I stumbled upon this.
I had no immediate use for it but for 35¢ how could I resist? This was the only one left in stock.


Don't know if this was just a local clearance or what, but if you're interested, check with your Lowe's.


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Last weekend the 1/2" double union ball valves were 25¢ each on clearance at Lowes (here in ny anyways)

I bought the last 3 and used one to plumb my mag 7 into my prop tank :D

hmmm Wonder if they will clearance the 1" and 3/4" soon :)

Good Deals to buy even if your not needing them right away, sooner or later yourself or a reef buddy will need it :)