1 Skimmer with 2 pumps or 2 Skimmers with 1 pump each


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Interested to know which you think would perform better.

1 Skimmer with 1 pumps or 2 skimmers with 1 pump each.

My thought are that the 2 skimmer would be better becuase the water volume been skimmed is more.....


Deltec TC3070 or 2x Deltec TC2560's
Vertex Alpha Cone 300 or 2x Vertex Alpha Cone 250's


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Well if u do any research on how and why a skimmer works, the more each bubble is in contact with the water the better it will absorb and export contaminants. So with that in mind whichever method gives more contact time between each medium (air/water) would work better. That's my .02, hope it helps!