$10 frags for sale


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Hey guys,

Cleaning up my racks a bit. Got lots of nice cheap corals available right now, more than ever.

Here are some pieces I have right now for sale all listed $10 each. Also have lots of $5 frags right now too, and higher end named SPS.

For the remainder of this month only: buy 3 get one free and all my $5 and $10 racks.
Pickup in Livermore. PM is Key.

Thanks for looking.

Row 1
1. Wip's Tricolor Valada(from Walt smith, Figi)
2. Bright green Monti
3. ORA Red Planet
4. Sniper's Blue
5. Jedi Mindtrick
Row 2
6. JF Jack o lantern Lept
7. Tyree Flower petal monti
8. Bright green psammocora
9. Cali Tort
Row 3
10. ASD Purple Austera
11. ORA Pearlberry
12. Pink Ponipe birdsnest
13. Rainbow Birdsnest
14. Idaho Grape monti
Row 4
15. ASD Deep Blue tort
16. MBA Blue Tip Staghorn
17. Bubblegum Digi
18. Row 5
19. ORA Purple Stylo
20. ORA Frogskin
21. Fully encrusted Tri color Staghorn
22. Dr. Shawn Bennet's yellow tort
23. Row 6
24. WWC Slimeball
25. Miyagi Tort
26. Tri color Valada
27. Potato chip acro
28. CB "the Thing" anacropora
Back Row
29. Monti Spongodes
30. ORA Tri color Pocci
31. Bright neon green birdsnest
32. Multibranch German Blue Digi

Also not pictured I have for $10:
Nuclear green palys -1 head
Purple death palys - 1 head
Blondies - 1 head
Tyree mystic Monti
Eagles eye 4 to 5 heads
wammin watermelons 4 heads
sunny D's - 1 head
scrambled eggs - 1 head
Pink Zippers - 1 head
Red. dragons eye 4 heads
RR tropic thunder monti
miami hurricanes 3 heads
Green and purple hairy mushroom 1 large head
bright gold Lept.
Green finger leather
green toadstool
Mike Poletta's purple with white dot porites
Fruity pebbles monti
Large sand dollar monti
twizzlers zoas 2 heads
Spiderman zoas 2 heads
Green candycanes 2 heads
Neon green candycanes 1 head
green favia
captain america paly 1 head
Bali Slimer
ASD Yellow Deepwater
and lots of none named pieces too.....


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#3 ORA red planet
#11 ORA pearlberry
Both sold.

I do have plenty more $10 red planets avaialble same size.
I have a $15 and $20 bigger pearlberry frags left also.