100 gallon tank/stand/full setup $700


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Yes, this is a repost from several months ago. The previous buyer flaked out after stringing me along for months.

Livestock is not avaliable!

100 gallon Tank and Stand Reef Ready in San Ramon (SF Bay Area)
For sale:
-100 gallon glass tank, black trim, beveled/polished edges, 100% scratch free and in ready to use condition. 5 feet wide, 2 feet deep, 18" front-to-rear
-Custom metal stand (extremely heavy duty extra thick welded steel frame) with removable wood doors and trim, stained black. Inside of stand could use a new coat of paint, but otherwise is in great shape. Aprox 34" tall
-Top canopy style trim (open top style)
-40 gallon sump with multiple baffles and chambers. Drilled for an external pump.
-Reef ready plumbing. Dual internal overflows, flexible pvc, etc.
-Little Giant 3-MDQ return pump, aprox 3-400gph
-Oceans Motion 4-way oscilating wave device

All the above is ready to go. You could literally fill it with water and have it running today with no additional plumbing.

All of the above is priced at $550 (Yes, this is a complete steal. The tank alone would cost you that, not to mention the extremely heavy duty stand. I am tired of it taking up my garage space)

Avaliable for pckup from San Ramon, California 94583. This tank and stand are extremely large and heavy. Definately wont fit in a car, possibly in an SUV with 2 trips, Pickup truck is recomended. Local Delivery avaliable for a negligable fee (with pre-payment.)

PM Me with your info. Thanks!

Also avaliable:

-Sedra needle wheel pump KSP 9000 ($90 retail) $45. (DIY skimmer is also avaliable free included with purchase, but needs a little work.)

-AB Aquaspace light 2x250W MH + 2x24w PC. 48" legnth, black, needs new bulbs and caps for MH (caps are avaliable online for about $30) Price is $150.

-Little Giant MDQX4 pump, excellent shape, minor rust on the legs/bracket, $50.

Purchade everything for $700

<img src="http://www.hotpaella.com/misc/full.jpg" border="0" alt=""> <br />
<img src="http://www.hotpaella.com/misc/om.jpg" border="0" alt=""> <br />
<img src="http://www.hotpaella.com/misc/tank.jpg" border="0" alt=""> <br />
<img src="http://www.hotpaella.com/misc/skimmer.jpg" border="0" alt="">


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Sounds like you are intent on selling it as a whole but id be interested in the Oceans Motions if you are willing to part out. Im also interested in the lights. Which model do you have?


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Actually, i think i see the lights. Im really ineterested. Please email me at theolieu@gmail.com so we can work a meeting time, etc. out.

oh BTW hawaiinawargod, from the looks of it, it does seem like there are two built in overflow boxes (2nd pic). Judging from the size of the boxes, my guess would be 1 inch.


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wait, n/m i just saw the dimensions above. darn i'm blind. give me a little while, I'll give you an email