10g sump


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I might set up a 10 g sump for my 29g tank. But i will only do it if I can get my skimmer in there. would 10g be to small to put oh lets say a coralife super skimmer rated for 65g in? if so I will prob skip on the sump, but the bennefits just seem so great.......damn walmart stand and your limited space.....

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I suppose it would fit, but there wouldn't be much room for much else. I would look into getting an ASM mini G, or ask around about the new marineland skimmer. It looks exactly like the ASM, and I don't think it's much cheaper, but it still looks promising (looks...I can't promise anything that's why I'd ask around first). These skimmers are pretty small and have the pump directly underneath the chamber. Well actually ASM has two styles of the minis, but one of them is like that.


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well the nice thing about a sump, regardless of size, is that it will allow you to get all the unsightly hang on equipment out of your tank.

With a sump that small you will more than likely only be able to house your heater and a return pump. Maybe a small skimmer. You will also have to watch how much flow you push through the sump or you might create yourself a bubble issue.