10th Annual FFM


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Always a great turn out for this, worth the trip up.

Yup, its that time again! I am in the beginning of getting the FFM together for next year. It will once again be the reefing event for the Northeast. Last year there were over 1000 people there, and 1000's of corals at great prices. It was a huge success and this year looks to be more of the same. I have most of last year's sellers already signed up for the 2017 - 10th Annual FFM, and am working on adding a few new names to the list, who people would really like to see come out. I'll keep you posted as things come together. Definitely save the date!
As in past years, I am always looking for hobbyists who are interested in selling at the FFM. Sticking with the original idea of the FFM, where a hobbyist can sell their homegrown corals at a big show, with low investment of time and $, I will always try to find a space for the little guy. If anyone is interested, or knows someone who is, have them get in touch with me and I can get the details worked out. Even if you only have a small frag tank with a few frags, it is worth it!
I am also looking to have more dry goods companies come out to show off their stuff. Over the past few years, more and more have been coming out to talk to you guys, answer questions, show off their new toys. If you know of a company who would be interested in coming out, have a connection in a company and might be able to convince them to set-up for the day, or just have a company that you would like to see at the market, get in touch with me and I will try to make it happen.
More info and details to come!


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Thanks for the post! I will put up the seller list as it comes together. I should have all of the big names from last year and then a few new ones to add to the list! Let me know if any of my LI brothers and sisters are interested in setting up to sell this year. If nothing else, it gets you in the night before...


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Here is the preliminary seller list for the FFM this year. This is only the people who have committed and paid SO FAR and only includes the coral sellers, not dry goods (which has a growing list as well!) I have a number of "I want to sell" people that I am still waiting on to send in their "buy in," including some big names! I apologize to anyone who I messed up the home state. Just let me know and I will fix it!

AC Corals (hobbyist) - CT
Alex's Advanced Aquatics - CT
Aquadreams - MA
AZNnutty's Saltwater Connections -OH
BareBottom Corals (Dankacediumclay-boa) - NJ
Blastomaster (hobbyist) - MA
Blue Glow - MI
Blue View Aquatics - MA
Byron and Bryan (hobbyist) - CT
Connor's Corals (hobbyist) - CT
Coral Cruze (hobbyist) - NY
Coral Kings - NY
Easy Aquariums - ME
Elmafioso52988 (hobbyist) - MA
E.O. Smith Coral Project - CT
Exotic Fish and Corals -CT
Fins Aquarium - NY
Fraggin' Idiot - VA
Fraggin Wagon - SC
Frag Freaks -MA
Frank180Reef (hobbyist) -MA
FUPA (hobbyist) - CT
Gotham Aquatics _NY
Greg’s Corals (hobbyist) - CT
Greg Hiller - MA
Gsxr750 (hobbyist) - CT
Jason Foxx - MD
King Pin Coral - NY
Kwong1998 (hobbyist) - NY
MaineAquaria.com - ME
Marine Reef Habitat - MA
Matt Spaulding (hobbyist) - CT
Micheal Reeve (hobbyist) - CT
MO~Idol (Steve) (hobbyist)- NY
NY Coral King - NY
Pablo (hobbyist) - NY
Paulywalnuts (hobbyist) - CT
Pacific East Aquaculture - MD
Pieces of the Ocean - NY
Polywise (hobbyist) - NY
Popcorals - NY
R+R Aquatics - NY
Reef Creations - NY
Rock Hard Reefs - NY
Shoreline Pet - CT
Skimmy (hobbyist) - NY
Shayna 123 (hobbyist) - CT
Sniper2b (hobbyist) - CT
Speedy Corals -
SteelerMike (hobbyist) - RI
Supreme Reefs - VA
TJM Corals -
TSM Corals - NJ
The Reef Shoppe - NY
Triggreef (hobbyist) - CT
Ultimate Corals _ NJ
Wet Pets - CT
Zooanthids.com - UT

I do still have spaces for a few more sellers but have more people who have asked about spots than I have spaces for! If anyone is interested in setting up- get in touch SOON!