110 Gallon Reef for sale


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I must sell this 110 gallon tank. All live stock and equipment will come with it. The tank has been up for 2 years.

livestock in the tank

paired ocellaris clownfish
one black and white clown
golden dwarf moray eel
coral beauty angel
majestic angel(i believe)
flame hawkfish
2 tuxedo urchins
serpent stars

many different kinds of coral. Some pictured.

Many different zoas.
Ducan coral with about 25-30 heads
birds nest
Giant kenya tree
fuzzy mushrooms
blue mushrooms
red lobo
Red Pagoda
4 big peices of hollywood stunner chalace

Equipment - 3 Stage DI with about 3 month old filters
protein skimmer
programmable LED light that adjust per hour mimicking the sun.
box of filter sox
power heads

tons of live rock. More thats not even pictured.

I also have a 55 gallon and stand with two fluval filters 306 and 406.

Also comes with a 40 gallon brute bin for mixing salt with extra heaters and powerheads.

Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything

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