112 gallon Euro reef build


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I'm from Europe and i currently run 16 gallon nano reef tank with Led lights, corals, 1 clown fish and 1 Firefish. I decided i want to go bigger so this is my build in progress thread.

After a lot of consideration i decided to buy Aqua Medic Xenia 130 reef tank.
I think Aqua Medic is not well known in USA, but it's a very established brand in Europe. It was a head to head battle between Red Sea Reefer and Aqua Medic Xenia. Xenia 130 won because of better dimensions and lower price.

Xenia 130 is a 112 gallon reef tank. It's 51 inches (130 cm) long, 26 inches (65cm) wide and 22 inches (55cm) tall.

It sits on a nice cabinet. Subtank in the cabinet has 26 gallon (100l) volume. It comes with all the pipes and main pump, but i decided to run a different pump anyway.

Light for this tank was a big challenge. I'm just not happy with current LED lights. They come with a lot of problems and a lot of setup options, that are not important for it's purpose. And they are a big problem to setup correctly. Call me old(school), but after a lot talks on forums, shops and with other reefers, i decided to use T5. Giesmann Matrixx 2, 6x54W to be more precise. It runs 2 fans on 12V power but they create some noise so i'll convert them to 7,5V or 9V to keep the noise down and still have enough cooling power.

What about other equipment? Tunze is the answer here. I want quiet equipment so:

Main pump: Tunze 1073 DC
Power head: Tunze 6055
Osmolator: Tunze osmolator.
Skimmer: Tunze skimmer 9410 DC
Heater: Jager 200W

Aquarium is not running yet. I'm watiting for rocks now.

Photos so far:



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Looks great! I don't blame you for getting T5s. I've got GHL LX7s and although I enjoy the customization options and think they look great overall, I do miss the way my old T5s used to make colors pop.

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