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Hello, I am setting up my 120g tank, actually have everything together, but the light that I am using is having all sorts of issues (ATI SunPower non dimmable) I'm looking to replace this with something else. I was in the hobby about 6 years ago and tried LEDs and had no luck with them. Have they made improvements since then? Are people going back to MH or T5? On my old tank I had a radium MH and had much success with that. Are people running hybrids now? Any recommendations or help is appreciated thanks.

Side note how many radions would I need for a 48" tank 2 I'd imagine.

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Still an Led market followed by T5, & Hybrids, MH down low on the list but still a great choice.
Ocean Revive T-247 is a good LED & @ least 2 units.
Have you seen BRS series on LED lighting?


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I started my 120DT with a pair of AI Sol blues in 2013 and upgraded to a pair of radion XR30G4 pros a few years ago. About doubled my par levels running the radions at 70%. I love the adjustability of them. I use the AB+ program and it gives good color rendition without too much blue.


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I was in the hobby about 6 years ago and tried LEDs and had no luck with them.
Have they made improvements since then?

Are people going back to MH or T5?
Some. The common route is MH/t5 hybrids.

Are people running hybrids now?
Yes but which hybrid depends. Most popular seems to be leds w/ t5 supplements. Actually sometimes hard to say who supplements who.

Side note how many radions would I need for a 48" tank 2 I'd imagine.
Depends on length width depth and goals.



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Kessil 360X"”love "˜em! Two for LPS, 3-4 for SPS. Pricey, but comparable to the Radions, which I also considered when I upgraded. I went with the smaller form factor.


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I've had just about every lighting option over my tanks over the years. Radium MH and actinic T5 or VHO was always one of my favorite solution.

Modern LEDs will grow anything you want to put under them. That is true for lower end lights that don't blend colors as well as others, and it's true for great color blended lights like Kessil and Radion G5s.

When I ran Kessil A350s, I had some significant shadow issues. The lights made very abrupt shadows, preventing SPS growth on the underside of the branches. I never had this issue with any non-LED light.

I recently replaced my 24" ATI 6 bulb with a gen 5 Radion. I'm VERY impressed with the overal spread and color balance. I almost want to say that it's far better than other lights I've seen (AI and Kessil), but I think that's hyperbole. That said, I think the finer points are much better than those lights, plus the G4 radion. This light uses a lot more LEDs, so the disco effect is almost not there. The color balance can be dialed in to exactly what you want, and shadowing appears to be less of a factor. I say appears because I'm still recovering from a total melt down after a power outage. I don't have any SPS that would give me a first hand account. I think the G5 Radion is the closest thing to a MH/T5 combo on the market with respect to color and blending.

I'm not fan boy yet, but I like it and I'm hopeful. If you consider Radions for your tank, BRS made a very strong case for 3-4 XT15s over 2 XR30s. It's all based on average PAR and the overall spread in the tank.

You should definitely consider these lights in your research. I'm not saying you should get them, but they're worth a look. AI's lights are cheaper, so if you don't want to pay for the little extras the Ecotech light gives, they will grow coral well. So will many other LED, T5, or MH fixtures.


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About 4 months ago I decided I was done with my 8 bulb ati sunpower and have since been running 2 XR30 Get 5 Radion Blues and it has been a positive change in every way.
impressive spread and shimmer.