120 Gallon sale - Bay Area - Redwood City, CA


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This aquarium was a reef setup for many years. I sold all livestock. Here is an example of what it used to look like:


:celeb1: $850 for the following:

- 120 gallon acrylic aquarium (48 by 24), wooden stand and canopy. It has two build in overflows. There are also two acrylic covers to cover the top completely.

- 30 Gallon acrylic aquarium (fits underneath) sump that has dividers (against micro bubbles) that can house a skimmer.

- two 5 gallon buckets of sand ( fine white, I was very picky about a very small grain size)

- 30 Gallon aqaurium (24 by 24) used as a refugium. Comes with a stand I build to house the refugium and chiller next to the aquarium.

- Euroreef Skimmer rated for this tank size, works great! I forgot the model of the skimmer, but it ran perfectly with 150+ gallons of water. I made a mod with the propeller that made it function even better

- The canopy comes with a setup for 4 T5's. Unfortunately the new IceCap ballast suddenly stopped working. I failed to send it back to IceCap at the time under the warranty. :headwally: I am quite certain that you can have it fixed. If not, you can plug in a new ballast I bought it new for $200!

- 250W MH SE mogul, used bulbs, spider reflector and magnetic ballast. Works perfectly!

- It has two fans build in the canopy, one fan was not functioning.

- Berlin Sump Acrylic Sock Holder Mount (2x)

- Phosban reactor -Two Little Fishies

- Phosban reactor - AquaC XP Plus Phosphate Reactor

- Reef Kalkwasser About 200Grams left + Reef Raises Carbonate Alkalinity powder

- Frag scalpel and Ceramic Frag Disks

- Algae Scraper (24" stick needs replacement scraper)

- Numerous pumps (5 Gallon bucket full including the Koralia 3 and 4)

- 20 gallon bin with about 35 LBS+ of base rock (dry, not live anymore!)

- I am also selling approx. 125 LBS of dry base rock for $200. If you take the whole setup you can have it for $160. :beer:

You can email me directly at: jansenbram@gmail.com


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