120 Tank Build 48x24x24


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Hey everyone, decided to get back into the hobby after taking about 15 years off! Planning to go with ~120 gallons, and I am leaning towards the Tenecor Radiused corner tank. Unfortunately I havent seen many reviews of the tenecor tanks since they have been back in business, but the guy i talked with said they use 1/2 acrylic for this tank, and that seems to be sufficiently thick considering the amount of bracing at the top.


For now I will start the thread with a render of what I plan to make this thing looks like. It will need to be ultra clean for the WAF so I plan to make the stand match the wall panel in my office. The stand will be a custom build be my using laminated plywood.

As far as the reef goes, not to sure about the fish, but here will definitely be a clown family with anemone, and mainly soft corals.




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I had a Tenecor radiused corner tank. 140 gallon. High quality tank. Getting coralline algae out of the radiused corners was challenging. Did you purchase it yet?