12000K MH Question


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I currently have a mix of K in my tank (long story), with one 250W bulb being 14000K and the other being 10000K.

I was thinking of splitting the difference and getting 12000K bulbs, therefore compromising between the better coral growth achieved with a 10000k and the better look you get with a 14000K.

What is your experience with 12000K? would you recommend it, or do you have an opinion?

Also I saw this 12000k on ebay, and was wondering if it is too cheap to be true



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The 12K Reeflux bulb is my personal favorite and the Ebay listing says it's "similar" to the ReefLux, but knowing what I do about the differences between different brands of the same K rated bulb, there's no way to know if that one you are looking at will actually look the same as a Reeflux. The only way to know is to buy it and see if you like it.


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I've purchased cheap MHs from ebay (hong kong) and my experience has been good. I have a 14K 150W HQI, it's pretty true to its color and has great intensity. Even if it loses half it's PAR in 4-6 months, another $8 bulb is just a click away.


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thanks for the input.

Seapug, do you buy you ReefLux on line or at your LFS? If on line, which store do you buy from?