120g build need advice


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I'm getting back in the hobby after 3 years
I'll be reusing the same rock I had in my previous tank
I soaked it in tap water and pressure washed it left it out to dry 3 years ago been left out in the yard ever since
my question what is the best way for me to approach this should I cure it? how do I cure it? Or should I bleach it? Or perhaps none of these options is there is there any other suggestions you guys might have?
Cycling the rock I'm going fishless cycle adding ammonia and doing a prolonged cycle I'm keeping it in the bin for the rock to get extra bacteria I have the time I want to start the right way in the beginning and not have complications down the line
I'll be adding a video to have an idea of what I'm dealing with

Oh I forgot to mention that I aquascaped the rock ahead of time I used bulk reef supply super glue gel and epoxy and left the glue and epoxy cure about a week


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I'd just hose it off well then use it. I would encourage you to get some quality maricultured live rock from one of the gulf suppliers. It will have essential organism, especially sponges, for establishing healthy reef ecosystems, mush of which cannot be bottled and sold. Here's some videos you may find infromative on current research on reef ecosystems.

"Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas" This video compliments Rohwer's book of the same title (Paper back is ~$20, Kindle is ~$10), both deal with the conflicting roles of the different types of DOC in reef ecosystems. While there is overlap bewteen his book and the video both have information not covered by the other and together give a broader view of the complex relationships found in reef ecosystems

Changing Seas - Mysterious Microbes

Nitrogen cycling in hte coral holobiont

BActeria and Sponges

Maintenance of Coral Reef Health (refferences at the end)

Optical Feedback Loop in Colorful Coral Bleaching

Richard Ross What's up with phosphate"


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I've got a good sized pile of rocks in the back corner of my veggie garden. Whenever I need a piece, I rinse it off and toss it (gently) in the tank. If I'm not pressed for time, it will start in the sump of my frag tank, a 100g stock tank in the fish room so it can get some life back on it.

If possible, a piece or two of good LR from a trusted friend is a great addition as well.

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Keep the tank lights off for the whole cycling period. This gives the 'good' bacteria a head start on algae. It'll save you algae hassles, both short and long term.