120g F/S (NEW)


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I'm selling a brand new setup. Includes tank,glass tops(not RR)(new,has had water and sand in it for 3 weeks),stand,canopy (new-Heritage Collection ordered from Wet Pets a little over a month ago,dark natural,extra coating of laquer, my husband braced the stand better and put a shelf in it) lights (T-5's never used(bulbs still in boxes),my husband mounted them in the canopy,also (new)LED's mounted in canopy),2 emperor 400's (new,just filtering water for 3weeks),over 100lbs of sand (if wanted). I will be able to post pics after I get off work if anyone is interested. $1500
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this setup, I've just decided to take a step away from the hobby for awhile. I do have another setup (100g RR) that is fully stocked that I will be looking to sell once this one is gone.

PM me if interested

Thanks, Jamie
Here are pics and it is now $1000