120g for Sale


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Wife and I have decided that we need to sell our tank. We just don't have time to maintain it anymore. It is a 4x2x2 with right now has a snowflake eel, and puffer as far as livestock is concerned. If you don't want it I can take them to the lfs. Equipment is as follows:
4x2x2 tank with 2 corner overflows
2x 175 watt metal halides (bulbs need replaced)
blue wave dual ballast
Ice cap vho ballast powering 2 4ft. vhos
2 hydor 1050 (ithink) powerheads
2 other powerheads (unknown brand)
natural wave wave maker
unknown skimmer (probably too small)
150lb live rock
probably lots more this is the basics.
Pm for pics and other information.
Asking $500 obo


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If you are selling in pieces I wouldn't mind grabbing some of the live rock for my cycle I have to do soon.