125 Gallon Tank With Fish and Coral

Selling my 125 gallon saltwater reef tank with everything included due to upcoming move out of state. The tank been running for over 3 years but work has been really busy recently and its been harder and harder to find the time for the required maintenance so the tank needs a good cleaning but is still healthy with a bunch of soft and LPS coral plus several fish. It also comes with all the supplies you need. A 5 gallon Automatic Top Off system, 1 Hang on Back skimmer and 2 Hang on Back filters (these are really just for water movement and media bags). Easily 100+ lbs of live rock that has tons of Xenia and Zoa on them. Stand is in terrific shape as well. Lighting is 3 generic LED's hung from the ceiling with a homemade hanger. Also comes with 2 Brute buckets for water storage and some 5 gallon buckets for water changes. Let me know if you are interested. Asking $500. Not interesting in selling separate, only looking to do a complete package deal. Location is Apollo Beach, you must be able to pick up the tank. I can not deliver.
Pictures available on my CL post here: https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/for/d/gibsonton-125-gallon-saltwater-reef/7336957806.html