125 Wide Ideas??


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Hey everyone! You may have noticed that I have been coming around more and more the last few months. I have decided that I need your help.
This past year I purchased a 125 wide aquarium(72L x 24W x 17H). After doing so, our basement flooded and everything had to be torn up. While remodeling the basement, we decided to add in a fish room just for this aquarium. The good news is the drywalling is almost done, which means it is almost time to set this baby up!
I have been trying to work out a stocklist for a long time now, but am not having much luck. I am really open to anything (although I seem to favor angels). I am really not sure how to properly stock this aquarium.
So far I have a msx200 as my skimmer. I do not know what else you guys want/need to know to help me, but just ask!

So, the question is: How would you stock my aquarium? I am just looking for ideas and figured you people could help! Thanks!

Here is a pic from when I first got it and was seeing if I had enough lights. (Please don't mind the mess)


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I'd shy away from large angelfish considering they appreciate the up and down space. I think triggers would be a good mix as well as tangs considering they mostly swim more back and forth.


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You could get a few dwarf angels in a tank that size, maybe even try a harem of flames. A lot of tangs would be appropriate for the sized tank, but you should stay away from the larger (naso, vlamingii) and aggressive (most acantharus).


Since you asked....

I would do the following if someone handed me a 125...In order.

Male and Female Bluejaw Trigger pair
Aussie Harlequin Tusk
Flame Angel
Black Velvet Angel
Chocolate Mimic Tang


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What are your interests like? More aggressive, less, mixed, species, biotope, want any corals, couple big fish with lots of smaller fish or a few big fish?


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I tend to lean toward anything angels. I also like the idea of a lot of smaller fish. I would also go for a tank with just a few big fish.
I really don't know what I want to do with this point and just want to get some other ideas.