125G and 60G RR tanks for sale


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Sorry guys had to start a new thread.....hope I'm not doing anything wrong?

Up for sale is a 125G RR tank with stand and hood for sale. Stand is 76"x 26"deep x 33" high. Hood sits about 6" off rim. The hood contains T5 standoffs for 5 - 80 watt Bulbs(5'). Its currently wired to run 4- 80W bulbs. The stand has 2- workhorse 7 ballasts to run these. 1 might be bad as when I dropped to 2 bulbs to fit a led.....only 3 bulbs were lit. Could have been wiring or bulb....but could be the ballast? I will include any extra bulbs(all need be replaced, but have 10+) 4- 60" reflectors+ 1- 48" reflector, and these are gonna need a reshine.

Also included is 2 Aqeuon Megaflows for the overflows and 2 educaters(flow enhancers) for the end of the loclines. No plumbing, and out of the 4 bulkheads, 1 drain bulkhead broke off for vinyl tubing. Would still work for hard plumbing if screw to slip joint is used(I can take pics of all 4, in vinegar now).

I'm pricing this at $300 OBO, if you want me to remove the T5 lighting...I can for a small fee...J/K... I'll knock off the price.




Next is a 60G cube RR with stand, 40 breeder, 1- Megaflow with a locline split(Y) with 2 standard nozzles(both bulkheads are good). This stand measures 53" wide x 31" deep x 37" tall. Double doors to fit a ten gallon topoff tank and a 40 breeder sump(36"x18"x18"). Sump is currently left to right......Skimmer 12.5"W(side to side) x 17"D(front to back) x 9.5" H(tall/up/down) over under over then Fuge 12"W x 17"D x 9" H then over return area 8"W x 17"D x 9"H. I built the sump and tank after another tank leak so I was in a hurry. The return section in the sump is too small....buy another piece of glass and move it I would suggest. The stand is a bit unfinished , but not horrible by any means. Birch ply and tile top. Tank is offset to left as follows. 8" stand 24"x24" cube then 20" to right(looking at stand). Approximately 7" in front of the tank. (acts like a tall end table around the tank =).

I'm asking $100 for the complete setup.


http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l201/stallion811/IMG_20151114_1242076841 1.jpg

Also have.....

Rio2500 return pump $20
Eheim1262 return pump $50
2- Tunze 6025(both work...1 modded) I lost 1 magnet and prongs on the mount are kinda bad on one. BOTH together $15
Aquaclear 70 I used for a top off pump only $15
Tsunami Topoff with a bent acrylic bracket $20($30 for this and aquaclear)

These prices are a steal. Tanks are leak free, stand are well built. Might not be the fanciest stands in the world, but they do a good job, look ok, and are very functional(125G stand should be a bit higher....but it was an old FW stand I wrapped).

Prices OBO. PM me and I can text any extra pics needed. Thanks.