125g FS, 40g breeder sump, and few other odds and ends


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I am upgrading to a 210g so I am selling my 125g. The tank is drilled on one end near the bottom of the tank. The 40g breeder sump is drilled in the two top back corners and has all the bulkheads and fixtures with it. I just recently moved so I tossed all the plumbing for it. I also have a mag pump for sale, can't remember the size will check when I get home from work. I would like to sell the sump and tank all together but will part out if necessary. Would like $400 for the tank and sump but will take offers as well.
I am located in Ames, IA and my cell number is 641-430-5042.


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What up dude- Nice to see another person upgrading to a bigger tank! Are you going reef with this one or still doing FW?



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Ha ha I wish I could go reef with this one at the moment. I got one more year til I get out of school then I will switch back to saltwater. I would rather wait til I get some more cash flow and pimp this thing out. So until then my piranhas will call the 210 their home.