12x39w T5 Bulb help please


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I know there are a million posts on T5s but after nearly an hour of searching i can't find anything on a 12 bulb set up. Going back to a 12 bulb 72" fixture for my 220 gal reef after many failed attempts at metal halide combo fixtures not doing the job.

So please give me a setup either for the 12 39w bulbs or for just one end of the fixture - 6 x 39w. I have SPS, LPS and softies.

Thank you in advance.



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what do you mean by T5/Halide not doing the job? T5/halide is the gold standard in the hobby.

also what are you looking for - bulb combos or fixture recommendations?

no matter what you do - for a 6 foot tank you're much better off with a 60" bulb T5 fixture. No sense in lining short bulbs up end to end. for a mixed tank you want areas with less light anyway.


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i own a 6" fixture that takes 12 30" bulbs. So i'm looking at a recommendation on the bulbs to use and the placement of them in this fixture.

Thank you


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So wouldn't you just take a 6 bulb recommendation & double it?

There are hundreds & hundreds of 6 bulb configurations on RC.


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Have you looked in the t5 Q&A thread on rc? It has all the info you need. Just use the 6 bulb reccomendation x 2...

I would do 4 x ATI blue + and 2 x coral + in each fixture.. Blue + being on the Actinic channel. I'm running an 8 bulb fixture with 6 blue + and 2 coral + and it's nice blue yet still white..

You gotta check out the last 10 or so pages and ask this question in it.. Pm me if you need the link but it's quite easy to find it I think it may be a sticky..