14 Gallon BioCube "Junk Tank"


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So I have finally found the inspiration. Thanks go out to Agu (http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1983098) for giving me the inspiration. I have had this tank since Christmas (won it in a raffle) but didn't really want to put a bunch of effort or money into another reef. One is enough right now.

Then I saw Agu's junk tank. It fit's the bill perfectly. I won't spend any money, it will be easy to maintain and easy to move around, and I can use the AIO tank pretty much as it comes without a lot of mods. And it will be the perfect place to keep all those beautiful junk species. Some of them are so pretty but we dare not put them in our reef. I have some fluorescent green star polyps and green mushrooms that are going to go in right away. I might even get a blue damsel.

So I started her up today. The water came from my 75 gallon reef. So did the two rocks. The sand I had left over. I will probably borrow another rock from the big tank for a little while until things get populated. I pulled out the bio-balls and put in some sponge pieces from my sump. I will take them out later, but for now they are providing bio-filtration. I don't expect to see any cycle, but we will watch and see what happens.


With the water just added.


And a few hours later.


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im doing the same thing with a 20 gallon I had sitting around....I used rock and water from my 55 gallon reef and 25 lbs of new live sand....also used a filter pad that i had set in my sump for a few weeks to get good bacteria....still seeing an amonia spike....just did a big water change to keep my cardnal alive.