14g Nano Filter Trap


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I have a 14 gallon bio cube nano tank made by Oceanic. I have just have one naked percula clownfish tank (named Zero) in there with several corals.

My problem is, Zero keeps getting stuck in the filter located in the back portion of the tank. It has happened three times now. The first two times I just assumed that I filled the tank too much and he simply went over the lip that seperates the main tank from the filter. To fix this, I took out a pretty good amount of water leaving 1/4 inch gap between the water line and the lip of the filter thinking there was no way he could swim over this.

Last night then, in the middle of the night, I heard a splashing sound. I grabbed the flashlight and did a quick scan of the tank and Zero was nowhere to be found....he was in the darn filter again! This time it was especially bad because I had taken the water out to lower the water level. The pool little guy just had a trickle of water flowing over him and he was flopping around on the grate portion (In the middle) of the filter. I fished him out and plopped him back in the tank and all is well now.

I am really worried this will happen again, especially if nobody is home to hear him flopping around! Has this ever happened to anyone else who has this tank? Does anyone have any suggestions about how to keep him in the tank? Is there something that is maybe causing him to want to jump into the filter (asside from the fact that he thinks he was a salmon in a past life)?

It seems silly to go through all the trouble for one little fish but hes been my pet for 5+ years now and I really don't want something to happen to him when I can prevent it.

Thanks guys!


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You can try to make a cover for it. A lot of people use gutter guard (Home Depot) or the plastic mesh that is used for needlepoint (any craft store).


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lol we got a blue hippo for free (because it just restentley got over ich and didnt look that good) in our 75g, after about 3 weeks we couldnt find it... i opened the canopy, didnt see anything, (im short) my dad opened it and smelled something and looked down into the overflow box and there it was.... looks like it had been there 4 about 3 days dead. so we put some plastic netting over the box, you could try that