150 Gal. Tank Build


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My new 150 setup. been working at it slowly. As we all know it is expensive to initially setup a big tank. My tank is 48"W x 24"D x 32"H. with one corner overfow. I have just recently Built the stand, and the lighting hood. Although the lighting hood still needs som more things like the cooling fans that with be cut and recessed into the sides and also trimmed out with molding. And with an addition of the aquacontroler 3 in the close future with a dirrect connect 8 strip mounted to the top of the hood as to control all the lighting. The lighting consists of 2 175w 20K MH's, 4 64w dual actinics, 2 65w 50/50's and 8 moonlights, 4 white, 4 blue. the stand is built with all 3/4 birch plywood. double thick. than skinned with mahogany and stained a rich reddish brown. same with the hood. I have an ADHI45 refugium under the cabinet. which will also house an AquaC 180 Skimmer, 3 Precision Marine reverse flow substrate reactors for, carbon, phosphate, and nitrate filtration. Each on their own closed loop. Will also be adding a korallin 1502 calcium reactor and C02 setup. And a 2400 gph pump. as i calculated that i loose 11.4 ft. of head pressure this will give me an actual 1650 gph. so i will be able to turn my tank over a little more than 10 times per hour. here are the pics if you want to take a look. i will be adding more as i am starting to add the rock into the tank and figure out the backdrop. also waiting on my new RO/DI from purely h20 so i can fill this badboy up. i also temporarily ran a closed loop on the fuge itself as to start curing some of the small pieces of rock and to start building some biological filtration. i threw 3 damsels in the fuge today to encourage the growth of filtration with the larger load. obviously i will move them to the tank when the water is in there and it is running. but for now they seem to love playing in the rocks in the fuge! oh well. just thought i would share with you guys.