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Reef Central Community,

I thought I would offer up my issue, and see what type of help I could get.

Attached are photos of my build.

150g Eurobrace Tank, 40g Sump...The 35g blue holding tank is for ATO. The white and grey 20g's are for auto water changes.

My issue is the overflow/overflows..... I don't want to cut the tank, and I don't want the tank away from the back wall. I want to do it internally. Which means I need to make it happen through those back cut outs.

This is only 150g. I think I can get away with just a single overflow on one side, but I'm hiding the returns in there also. I don't really want the returns coming into the tank asymmetrically, so I feel like just using 2 overflows, each fitted just under those slits, will work. I also don't want them to be giant. If I did the entire length of each hole it would almost be a coast to coast. I can't do that either.

2 overflows....herbie syphon drain/durso/return line in one......herbie syphon drain/durso/return/emergency, in the other overflow....Ill make the overflow wier with shorter, and a bit wider teeth, so I can get the water level higher in the DT. (I also understand I can tune the herbies to help with this).

Does anybody see a problem with this design? I've had tanks in the past. But I've never done anything this crazy, or expensive.

The drains will all be 1.25" and the returns will be 1". I will also probably have two return pumps. Each operating independently of each other into their own return line.

Thank you in advance for all your input!


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