150g Lonestar Reef


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well since i troll around here so much for past couple years ill start a thread on my tank. hopefully get some creative criticism. Ive been in the hobby since 2008(jbj 12g nano) ive had a few tanks almost one a year lol. My last tank was a 70g that i had for almost 2 years and out grew it, so it was time for a bigger tank! This is a 150 gallon (60x24x24) starphire(cant remeber who its built by). i set this up in march and combined my 70g reef and my gf 75g reef. i keep mainly colored stix and some LPS

-Reef keeper Elite
-2x MP-40 es
-light is a current outer orbit 2x 250w, 4x 54 t5, had issues with ballast after 3 months so replaced t5 with workhorse and a galaxy electronic for MH. bulbs are phoenix 14k, and 2x ati coral plus, 1x ati blue plus, 1x fiji pink

-return pump: 2x sicce 2's
-skimmer: seaside aquatic cs-2
-geo kalk reactor
-reactors: reef octo bio pellet, PM pro for GFO(each run by sicce 1.5)
- 10g ATO tank

ill put some build pics and some current pics so if you see something diff from discription its because ive replaced that item or added it recently.











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little update i upgraded lights to vertex sr-260 and love it! coral is doing fine so far at least color wise. pics are at 5 week mark with whites at 55%, blue 70%, rb 75%



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Only suggestion I see is removal of the frag rack, other than that it looks great. Love the transition to LEDs. Keep up the good work.


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thanks, and has been up one year. coral I've had 2 years or so. as for frag racks I don't want a separate frag system as when I do frag for friends or have new pieces they heal faster and acclimate better on the racks.


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Like the coral side shot Chris. Tank has come along way already since it's been up. Keep them eye candy pictures coming.