150g stocking help...


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Im working on having my 210g system cycling by the end of the week. Im toying around with stocking ideas now. The tank is 60x24x24. Im going for a 'pairs' theme....

2x Bluejaw Trigger (Pair)
1x Hippo Tang* (4")
1x Sailfin Tang
2x Longnose Hawkfish (Pair)
2x Misbar/Naked Clownfish (Pair)
2x Psychedelic Mandarins* (Have a male, wanna find a female)
1x Firefish*
3x Chromis* (Probably add more)
1x Striped Dartfish*
1x LMB*
1x Orange Spotted Goby*

* Fish I already have...

Is this a good start? Are 4 big fish too many for a 150g? What about smaller fish? What are some personal favorites you would add to a tank like this?