180 gallon tank/stand/canopy for sale.


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The tank is about 4 years old and I had it custom made with rounded front corners (this is done by taking a single 10 foot sheet of acrylic and bending it in a form so that there are no seams at the corners (there is a picture above). I also had this tank made with 1/2" acrylic as opposed to some tank manufacturers use of 3/8" for a 180. It is a standard 180 gallon size otherwise (72x24x24) with a center overflow and blue back. The overflow has 2 x 1" drains that I have made Durso standpipes for and 2 x 3/4" returns. The tank also has a lid for the overflow that quiets the tank significantly. There are 2 holes drilled into the top that I used for 3/4" SeaSwirls on the return lines (I ran vinyl hose up through the overflow to the SS). There are also 2 covers for the access holes should you wish to use them.

Two and a half years ago, the top of the tank cracked between one of the large access holes and the center overflow. This crack has been repaired with a sandwich technique using 2 additional pieces of acrylic (see picture below). The tank had been run like that for over 2 years without issue, it does not bow nor leak and the repair does not interfere with the overflow performance. I have seen this repair done on several tanks and all have reported complete success and no issues.


The stand and canopy are made from 3/8" black acrylic. The stand has 2 large access holes with doors on the front and a clear back to let in more light when the tank is placed on top. The canopy was another custom order. It was made 10" tall to accommodate metal halide lighting. When I had it set up, I used 72" of spider reflector with 3 SE MH bulbs and 2 6 foot VHO actinics. All the lighting was secured to an double thick mounting strip in the canopy. There are 2 holes cut in the ends of the canopy to place 4" IceCap fans into for additional ventilation/cooling. I will include the fans in the sale price. The canopy is also hinged at the back - believe me when I say that the hinges are invaluable when trying to get into the canopy (my current 120 does not have hinges and I have to take the entire top of every time a frag tips over).


I just moved the tank from the basement to the garage as I am remodeling the basement. The tank is light enough to move with only 2 people and will be a straight shot from the garage to your vehicle when picked up.

Price is $1100 for all (I paid 4x that when new) and is available immediately in Richton Park, IL 60471. Let me know if you have any questions or want to schedule a viewing/pick up.

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Been awhile since I have posted and I still have this tank/stand/canopy available. Please PM me with any questions.

Price drop to $1000.