180gl on tile flooring , yes or no ?


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Hi Guys.

I have my 180gl set up for a few years now, but I am selling my home and buying a new one. The problem, or maybe not, is that the only place for a tank this size is near the dining room. From the front door to the kitchen, the floors are granite tiles. I do not know the thickness, but can find out.

The living room is carpeted and has room but I don't like the idea of a tank on carpet, just too many things could go wrong.

It is on the first floor , however, I'm not positive about the toughness of the tiles. Should I rip out the area where the tank would go and and put wood flooring just a bit wider for the tank to sit on ? Or do I invest in a very thick slab of similar granite to place there instead ?

Move is in a few months so I have time to make the proper adjustments.
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You should be just fine with the tank on tiles. Its not the tiles themselves its how the floor underneath them constructed. It you're on a slab then its no problem but COULD be a minor concern if you have a crawlspace. I wouldnt worry about it.


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I will place over the tiles a flat nice thick piece of wood of the tank size. In that way the tank weight will be equally distributed over all the tiles surface. It will reduce the risk of floor imperfections under the tiles.

That is what I will be doing if I am in that situation.



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I have a 180 sat on a tile floor. I have had no problems with it. The main thing is the subfloor underneath the tiles. If it is on a slab there should be no problems at all.