1st saltwater tank


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i have been doing freshwater for along time and now am getting ready to get into saltwater. I got a custom new acrylic 180 gallon tank and oak stand/hood. I want to get a Panther Grouper and want to know any info anyone has and can I start-up with basic lighting, basic filtration, protein skimmer, tank decor? Thanks


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I would look into a sump. on my first Salwater tank i had a canister filter instead of a sump and it only made things worse. on a big tank it is a good idea to have a sump.


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minimum tank size of 300 gal.....that even seems small for fish that grows to 20"....seems like a fish best left in the wild or massive public aquariums....I have a 180 like you, and would love a vlamingii tang, but 180 is just too small