(2) large pcs of LR w/Pink pom pom xenia


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I was doing a little aqua scapping and I have two rocks full of pulsating Xenia. This xenia pulsates like mad !!

Th first rock is about 12 inches long by 7 inches wide (10 lbs) w I am guessing 25 heads of pink xenia..

The second rock is about 7 inches by 5 inches with about 30+ heads..

This Xenia is nice and tight against the rocks and is currently under 250 watt mh 14k.

The first rock 35.00

The second 25.00

Local p/u in Huntington Beach..

The sooner you can pick up this rock the better. Its sitting in a 5 gallon bucket.


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Justin I should have some ready for you soon. I have 3 types growing right now.