2 microscope downloads


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I have uploaded 2 microscopic images of coral in-vivo in the front of my tank from a new digital camera. Unfortunately, the detail here is not even close to the real images which exceed 800kb in jpeg format. Take a look and I'll work on a way to get more resolution if anybody is interested.

Also, my pH is now in the 8.1-8.3 range and alk and calcium are also close to normal (alk 9.8dKh, ca 300-350) This with water changes and kalk slurry. Thanks again Anthony.:)
Are these the ones?

<img src="http://reefcentral.com/gallery/data/500/35132CROPPED_TUBE_WORMSsmall.jpg">

<img src="http://reefcentral.com/gallery/data/500/35132DENDRONEPHTHYA_POLYPSsmall.jpg">
Yes they are, how did you do that? Thanks! In the real images you can see 5-7 tiny perpendicular projections from each small tentacle on the dendronephthya. In the scope the "hairs" or cilia? of the tube worms beat rhythmically toward the center in what appears to be standing waves, really quite beautiful to see!:D The images were taken with a canon g5 digital camera adapted to a mejia binocular microscope mounted horizontally in front of the tank....(I know, geek right?:rolleyes: )