2 Month long Diatoms w pics need help!


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I have had disgusting diatoms on my sand for months.nthey won't go away I've added snails nothing changes I don't know what to do. My water quality is almost perfect . Is there anything I am missing? If I add chateo will the pods eat the diatoms ? I stir it up and boom the come back . I'm losing it here I have a gorgeous tank but these diatoms kill it

Nvm the pics I can't figure it out on iPad. But my whole substrate ( sand ) is brown , it's not cyano . If you google. Diatoms. Pic e worst picture and. Ipthts what it looks like
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No never really heard much about it or how to use it
You should look into it. It is used to remove phosphates and silicates. I assume you are using RODI water for your tank. If not you should be & if so, you need to make sure you're getting 0 tds water from it.