2 MP40's w/ CPR 1200 Overflow


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Hey guys,

I have a 135g 72inch long tank and I was thinking about getting the MP40's to get some wave motion inside, but I dont have a built in overflow. I'm using the CPR 1200 Dual overflow box, but my concern is will the MP40's work well with the CPR. Right now I put the overflow at the lowest setting to see how much gap I might have to make some decent waves. It seems like I might have to make the waves pretty low. Any info or opponions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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I think you might want to try one first.
There is not such a wave but allot of water movement with the MP40 that I have noticed in my 6' tank. However I have them a good 6-7" below water line and run BB. I also run them opposing and have not tried all the settings. I have never owned a CPR either so Idk how they will work together.
You will not be sorry with the MP40s. Go see a guy named Tom. :D


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Not real sure how the MP40 works but if it works anything like a tunze wavebox I wouldn't recommend it. The biggest problem I see using any sort of wave moction (an actual up/down motion) with an external overflow box is you will most likely collect ALOT of air in the box which would stop it from working. The only way to try to prevent it is keep the overflow as centered as possible. but again there is a strong chance your going to get alot of incosistent water levels which will in turn create air bubbles in the box. I have used a cpr overflow in the past and loved it but Air build up can truly be your worst enemy.