2 or 4 lock-line outputs


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Im running a Eheim 1262 Pump on a 130 tank 28" high. Right now I have 1" hard pipe reduced to 3/4 with 90 elbows coming into the tank, and the pressure its blowing out the sand. Im thinking of adding two of the flared(fanned) lock-line tips to keep a good flow behind the rocks.
Im wondering will this reduce pump flow by causing back pressure .
Would it be better to split the lock-line at the top and have 4 outlets instead of 2.

Also Im wondering if the flared tips have the same volume capability as the round.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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If you use a manifold wye, there should be an increase of flow but lower velocity and turbulence. I had a 1” return that was reduced to a ¾” Loc-Line nozzle. Using a manifold wye, I added a second ¾” Loc-Line nozzle. My return flow increased as evidence by a ¼” rise in the water level of the main tank. Despite the increase in return flow, there is less flow velocity and less turbulence now as the flow is divided between two nozzles. If you wish to further decrease turbulence, I believe you can use round nozzles instead of flared nozzles.

The manifold wye that I used is from Waterway Plastics (http://www.waterwayplastics.com/catalogs/2009_16_ellsteeswyes.pdf). It is compact enough to hide inside the “Megaflow” overflow of my Oceanic Systems aquarium. The model number is 672-8020 (1” slip x ¾” slip x ¾” slip). You may not be able to buy directly from Waterway Plastics but if you call, you can be referred to a web retailer.