2 Pairs of clowns in a 125 gallon


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So, haven't posted in a while! I have a pair of skunk clowns in my 125 gallon. I really want another pair of clowns so bad. I have tried a single small true percula and I had to return him because he was getting beat up. A year has passed since and i want to try putting a pair of clownfish in there. Anyone have any idea what is the most distant relative? Is this possible or am I setting myself up for disaster? I'm thinking of adding a pair of fairly large percs. Thanks!

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1 pair of clowns is typically what is recommended. Unless you have a really large tank, the clowns can't see each other, and you have their natural host anemones, it typically ends with one pair killing the other.


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I had two pairs of clowns in my 320 gal (with a numbers of hosts). Last month one of my female chased the other one into the overflow. Now she is two timing. This is the weirdest situation, she spawned with one then spend time with the other male. So far she only spawn with one but not both. I would not be surprised if she spawn with one then the other.