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Hello all.
Later today I should be getting my BRS recipe 1 one kit in the mail. I will be using calcium and alk on the 1.1ml dosing pumps. Right now my levels are as follows. Calcium 360, Alk 7.6dkh, and Mag 1200. I am looking for a bit of help getting this started. I would like to get my calcium to 420 range, alk a bit higher, and mag slightly higher. According to the BRS calculater for my 130 gallon system I need to add 798.3 ml to get my calcium levels where I want. I will need 157.8 for alk.

Question- What is the time period that I should do this over. I was thinking about 3 days to add the starting amounts. Also should I add both during this time(obviously not with each other) Thanks for the help


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When you use the BRS calculator it gives a recommendation for how slowly to raise these levels.

Max per day by BRS recommendation:

calcium - 50ppm
alk - 1.4dkH
mag - 100ppm

And yes, I would add them all over the timeframe.


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I would add the Mag in first to get it in the 1400 area, then dose 1/2 of the calcium needed, wait a half hour so it mixes into the water column, then add 1/2 of the alk needed. check all of your parameters the next day, then add the balance to get you to where you want to be. I would set up your daily dosing based on your total water column volume, then check the Alk daily for 3 days to see how you are dosing in relation to usage by your corals. If your level is falling up the dosage amount if it is rising decrease it.
The Alk is used up faster than the cal thats why it is suggested to just check the alk when setting things up. When you think you have matched dosing to usage then you can check weekly for a few weeks then go to monthly. AS the corals get bigger they will consume more so you will need to up the dosage.