20 gallon nano (w/ overflow) 10 gallon sump, stand - $50.00


I have a 20 gallon AGA that I have installed an overflow on (90 degree elbow against a bulkhead, with a 1” strainer) that drains into a 10 gallon sump. I don’t see myself setting it up again, and it’s taking up a lot of room in my garage, so â€"œ I’d like to get $50.00 for the whole setup: the 20 gallon display tank, the 10 gallon sump, and the cherry wood (laminated, not hardwood) stand.


I used this as an SPS nano tank, but it would also make a great QT tank. The really nice part was that I was able to run a real in-sump skimmer instead of being limited to a hang on the back model.




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Anytime is fine. Tonight is better, but if tomorrow works for you i can pick it up at about 8 pm or later. I have to work til 7.