20 gallon SPS tank, Custom 68 gal Tenecor, Euroreef for sale


Well, it looks like I am finally going to get moved back into a house again. So, as I continue to put things together to start up a larger tank again, I have a few things that are for sale.

1. 20 gallon SPS tank


I drilled this tank with an internal overflow that drains into a 10 gallon sump sitting inside the stand. Included with the tank will be a Mag 5 return pump, and a squid wavemaker connected to the return. I am also including an ASM mini skimmer (exactly the same as the larger ASM skimmers, just a smaller version) I ordered this skimmer with the extra gate valve modification, so you can dial in the water level quite easily.


I will also include the live rock (around 20 pounds of Fiji) in the tank as well as the 13-14 SPS frags that I have been growing. There are several snails, crabs, and a really nice Royal Gramma that are also included. There are several Monti cap frags as well as some assorted Acro pieces. One thing to note, the tank does have red bugs, but it would be an easy time to treat these as the tank is moved and re-setup.


Basically all that would be needed would be a lighting system. I ran the tank with a 250 watt halide pendant and a chiller, but obviously you could go with a lower wattage lighting system as well. I just happened to have a metal halide system that wasn’t being used. My idea when setting this up was to have a nano sized tank, but one that was set-up to run just as you would a larger tank (sump tank, good skimmer, etc.)


I would like to get $300.00 for the whole setup, which to summarize includes:
1. 20 gallon AGA tank (drilled with overflow, basically a bulkhead against the back panel, a 90 degree elbow, and a 1 inch strainer - works great)
2. 10 gallon AGA tank as sump
3. ASM mini skimmer w/ gate valve modification
4. Mag 5 return pump
5. Squid wavemaker return
6. Maxi-Jet 1200
7. Hagen powerhead (about the same power as the Maxi-Jet)
8. 20 pounds Fiji live rock w/ assorted snails, crabs, stars, etc.
9. 13-14 SPS frags
10. Royal Gramma
11. Stand (medium cherry wood type finish)

2. Milwaukee pH Controller
Works great, just needs a probe - $30.00


3. Custom 68 gallon Eurobraced Tenecor acrylic tank


I had this tank custom built by Tenecor in July of 2005 to be used as a barebottom SPS tank. The dimensions are 36” long, by 24” deep, by 18” tall. The tank is eurobraced and has a hole in each corner (drilled into the bracing on the top) to accommodate a closed loop return. Each hole will work with up to 1 ½” plumbing. This would be great with an Oceansmotions 4-way unit. There are also two (2) intake bulkheads to feed the closed loop. I believe they will accommodate 2” plumbing. Since originally setting the tank up I have capped these bulkheads with a cap and silicone, but they can be easily replaced. I originally used one of the old Reefflo Dart pumps, and I’m pretty sure when they came out they were they had 1 ½” / 2” inlets, outlets.


The tank is set up to have the overflow on the right side of the tank as opposed to the back. I did this because I built a kind of shelf system to have all the equipment off to the side. It would be really cool to set it up as viewable from three sides, coming out into the room (viewing both 36” inch sides. I spent over $600.00 to have the tank built, and it was only used about 9 months. The overflow is built in, and includes the plumbing kit and centipede return. I built a stand myself that you could park a bus on, but is really ugly, so it’s your call if you would want to use it or not 

The stand is only finished on the front, and left side (the back and right side being framed of course, but open.) I would like to get $225.00 for the setup.

4. 1/10 hp JBJ Arctica Chiller â€"œ This is a really great chiller, and works flawlessly. I have run it on tanks ranging from 20 gallons, up to 90 gallons without any problems. I paid about $400.00, and I will sell it for $260.00.

5. Euroreef CS-80 skimmer. I put together the plumbing for a gate valve mod that I will include as well as the normal riser tube that comes with the skimmer. I purchased this last summer from Custom Aquatic, and will put it in the original box, with manual. I would like to get $140.00 for it.

Since I don’t have access to Reefcentral at home, please be patient with any responses. Also, if you wouldn’t mind sending an e-mail as well as a PM (easier to check e-mail than Reefcentral during the day while I’m at work) I will respond as soon as possible. My e-mail address is: rkrosschell@gmail.com. Also, please feel free to ask for more pictures, I have plenty more of the two aquarium set ups that I can forward on.




I think that you should be able to get the Milwaukee probe for around $30.00. I know that some other companies will sell probes that will work with this controller as well (it's a pretty standard probe).