20 gallons of it. Little ocean


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My new setup

20 long with 2 1 inch drains
3/4 inch return line

Wood stand home built
airstone protein skimmer circulated off return line
100watt heater
600gph return pump
fluval 2x24 watt fuge light

Still need

20L sump
baffle it

Other things I already have

MH+t5ho 30 inch fixture
20Lbs live sand
Ro unit 3 stage no di
live rock cured

It ready for water I'm going to soft cycle the tank. I will be adding cured live rock but not for about 2-3 weeks.

I will add a fuge section 4 inch sand bed, live rock, mangrove, and cheato all underneath but open to sight.

I am going to go buy a used 20L from someone on craigslist. Found just gotta go get it 20$


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be back in a couple weeks will update.

be back in a couple weeks will update.

Got the sump it's kinda shitty chipped on one side and trim falling off but for 15 bucks it'll work. Doesn't leak.

All the rest of the stuff is still at a relatives out of town got go get it after a little vacation.


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Update before vacation

Update before vacation

The water level was too low. The return was splashing and sucking air. I had to put some elbows made with pvc cement and a chop saw.

They will be made ssame size and painted black.

I moved the tan into another room as more people can check it out and it makes just enough noise to be bothersome just.

Here are some pictures. No sand I'm going to put the rock in first then sand around the rocks.

Last picture all this has to go in this tank. My sister broke up w/ her bf and he left the tank so I inherited two nems firefish maroon clown lawnmower blenny and a damsel. Along with some liverock and snails. I'm going to trade the maroon lawnmower and damsel. I have already 2 black ocelairs one sixline wrasse my 33 shallow rimless will be left behind as I have a small car and wont fit only enough room for livestock lights refugim stuff.


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I leave my tank for up to 2 and half weeks without any maintence and my sps grow and are doing great. As you can see theres algae and the lawnmower has probably got it all clean by now.