2010: What do we know about Deep Sand Beds?


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As 2010 rolls around I would like to start a discussion on the DSB (Deep Sand Bed). What do we know about them at this point in time?

Here are some questions I have to seed this discussion:

1. What are the latest findings in regards to implementation of a DSB? Who are the authorities in this field?

2. What physically constitutes a DSB? For instance, Sugar Sand + x" deep in an x gallon tank/container.

3. Water Flow: What kind of flow should a DSB have? Slow? Fast? Steady? Intermittent? Recirculating? Why is this important?

4. What organisms should be allowed to live within or on a DSB?

5. How do you test a DSB for effectiveness? What are signs of success?

6. What sort of maintenance does a DSB require?

7. Who out there has a working DSB? Meaning a Ammonia -> Nitrite -> Nitrate eating Nitrogen Gas Producing sand bed. How is yours implemented and how did you achieve this success?

All feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Aqua Keepers

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I'm a fan of BB tanks. So, I'm out of touch with SB tech, but I want to follow this thread as I'm thinking af adding an SB to my next tank. However, this set up will be for a tank around 30g. So, I'm not sure if I'll go with a DSB. I'm wondering if someone could answer the same questions, but geared at an SSB.